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Analysis of Mediterranean destinations: Satisfaction, Transportation, and Prices

Based on an analysis of one billion social media comments, the four most popular Mediterranean destinations experience high levels of satisfaction regarding safety and climate. Moreover, the tourist attractions in these destinations are generally satisfactory. In contrast to France and Spain, Italy and Greece stand out in this aspect.

Regarding hotel options, Greece is the most lauded destination among travellers, whereas France is perceived as less desirable. In this regard, Italy and Spain have similar levels of satisfaction.

The main motivations for visiting Mediterranean destinations are quite similar. Cultural products, sea and beach-related activities , nature, and active tourism are among the main attractions. It is interesting to note that tourists in France and Spain enjoy a greater variety of family-friendly activities, whereas those in Greece and Italy appreciate the  local gastronomy.

Regarding air connectivity, all four destinations have increased their capacity for the summer of 2023 compared to the previous year. France and Italy have seen growth in international flights, although their domestic capacity is lower than in 2022. On the other hand, Spain and Greece have increased both their international and domestic capacities.

Due to the increased air capacity, Mediterranean destinations are actively competing to capture the attention of travellers from the United States. France, Italy, Greece, and Spain are taking steps to increase air connectivity and attract this vital market.

This summer, travellers from the United States will have easier access to Mediterranean destinations with increased capacity and more direct routes. France and Italy, which already had good connectivity with North America last year, have further increased their numbers, with a 36% and 45% increase in seat capacity, respectively. Furthermore, they have improved their connectivity with major European markets.

In the case of Spain and Greece, capacity on direct routes between the United States and these destinations has grown by roughtly 20%. Although the United States does not rank among the top ten source markets for these destinations, there has been an observed increase in demand.

There has been an upward trend in hotel prices across all destinations and hotel categories. France and Italy have the most expensive prices, while Spain stands out for its competitive pricing. Greece has the highest price growth compared to the rest of the countries in 2019. This year, guests of 5-star hotels will have to pay 123% more than they did during the summer of 2019.

As for hotel prices, there has been an upward trend in all destinations and hotel categories, partly due to the opening of numerous 5-star hotels in recent years, a strategic shift that has also attracted a different type of visitor. Despite this, Greece remains the most satisfying destination in terms of hotel offerings.

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