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52% of hotels in Portugal have a sustainability certification

  • These hotels have obtained, at least, the basic level of good sustainability practices from one of the main OTAs.
  • 71% of 5-star hotels have some level of certification.
  • Only 3% have a specialized sustainability certification from an external certifier.

During the tourism show Bolsa Turismo Lisboa (BTL) held in Portugal this week, we have conducted an analysis of the level of involvement of hotel accommodations in Portugal regarding sustainability practices.

Sustainability is one of the main topics at BTL this year, so we wanted to provide updated information on the country’s overall situation in this aspect. They analysed a total of 2,485 hotels across the country listed on the main OTAs (Booking, Expedia, and TripAdvisor), classifying those with published sustainability certification levels. The classification they established is based on 5 levels: no certification, bronze, silver, gold, and external certification.

In general, 52% of hotels in Portugal show some level of sustainability certification, which is a significant percentage, higher than in other countries. Among those with certification, 58% have the bronze level, equivalent to the most basic awarded by OTAs, 31% have the intermediate or silver level, and 8% have the maximum or gold level granted by these online portals. It is noteworthy that only 3% of certified hotels publish a certificate from an external sustainability auditor, which would be the excellence level according to this analysis.

When segmenting the analysis by hotel categories, the results show that, generally, the higher the hotel category, the greater the commitment to sustainability. 71% of 5-star hotels have some certification, while in 4-star hotels it is 61%, and in 3-star establishments it is 41%.

The study was completed with a comparative analysis of the average daily rates of these hotels, to determine if there is any relationship between the levels of sustainability practices and the average prices of accommodations. The data reflect that hotels with some type of sustainability certification, regardless of category, offer, on average, prices 19% higher than those accommodations without any certification.

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