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1.4 million flight seats affected by Ryanair closing

Up to 1.4 million flight seats could be affected by Ryanair closing bases

The threat of the bases closing in Tenerife Sur, Las Palmas, Girona and Faro leaves 1.4 million incoming flight seats, that were programmed for the first semester of 2020, up in the air.

The unexpected announcement from the Irish airline regarding the closure of the aforementioned bases in January 2020 has startled the tourism sector in those destinations given the serious impact that it could have on the flight seats’ volume for next year.

In order to evaluate the impact of the closures, here at Mabrian Technologies, we have measured the impact of this situation on each of the destinations.

Ryanair - Mabrian Technologies

The Canary Islands would, without a doubt, be the most affected destination. There are over 949,000 seats at play in the first semester of 2020 for the Tenerife Sur and Las Palmas airports combined. Faro airport, in the Portuguese Algarve would also suffer a major drop (360 million seats). Girona on the other hand would be the least affected airport (99 million seats).

Ryanair - Mabrian Technologies

Although the impact on seat programming for 2020 is reason for concern in itself, it is even more preoccupying if we compare it to Ryanair’s programmed seats to these destinations in the first semester of 2019. Indeed, there is a 27.8% decrease in the year-over-year comparison (a total of 540 million less programmed seats for Ryanair).

Ryanair - Mabrian Technologies

In terms of origin markets and the potential seat reduction, the British market would be most affected with over 530 million seats, followed by the Spanish market with over 253 million seats and the German market with close to 172 million seats.