About us

We were born in a small island called Menorca, a Mediterranean paradise (that’s what people call it, we’ve measured it) with the idea of turning massive amounts of Social Data into valuable business insights.

We are a young team of talented, committed and motivated people who are pushing the edges of technology, because we think that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, applied to freely shared data by people all around the world and other sources of publicly available data, will bring new ways of understanding ourselves and our world, benefiting people and organizations.

We were born in a small island, we know how it feels like to have a vast ocean in front of us, and we like it. This is why we are trying to help tourism industry leaders, navigate the oceans of data they have ahead, in order to better know how strong the winds are blowing, their direction, and how they affect their ships.

We were born in a small island: we just can go further.