Travel intelligence services

Analyse and anticipate tourism trends

Mabrian provides actionable insights regarding each stage of a traveller’s journey

Our solutions

Up-to-date information to identify tourism trends

  • Get access to global KPIs based on multiple Big Data sources
  • Empower your organisation by fostering a data-driven culture
  • Measure the impact of geopolitical events

Design sustainable marketing strategies

  • Identify current and future demand
  • Reach your visitors with the right message
  • Translate data into valuable insight with our travel intelligence team

Multiple data analysis for a holistic view

We observe and record visitors’ behaviour throughout all decision phases. From the inspirational moment for the trip, through flight searches and price comparison, flight bookings, all the way to behaviour and spend patterns at destination.

Our sources

Get access to the full picture of current tourism trends

All the information you need in one single place