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What is Mabrian

Mabrian is a travel analytics platform using big data and AI technologies to help industry leaders have a better understanding of their target markets and stay ahead of major shifts in demand trends.

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Fullcycle Travel Analytics

Fullcycle Travel Analytics

Understand traveler behavior, real-time

Until now, for any given destination Mabrian has been able to automatically understand how travelers behave, by easily analyzing massive amounts of social data. Our customers get to know with unlimited segmentation capabilities, why people travel to a destination, what do they do there, which places do they visit, and how satisfied are they with their experiences.

Writing the future of travel intelligence

But that was just the beginning. We are now working on a new product release that will push the boundaries of travel analytics. By having a complete understanding of the whole travel cycle, our customers will be able to anticipate the market dynamics. From search, to pricing, to bookings, to the actual experience and its impact on social networks, everything will be tracked.

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