Coronavirus crisis: North American tourists most affected.

North Americans are more sensitive to the crisis than other markets.
Spontaneous demand evolution (flight searches) vs Perceived Security Index evolution for China during January 2020.

UK tourists start the flight search 74 days in advance before flying to Andalucía (Spain).

100,000 bookings analysed from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017

74 days
Advance Search
32 days
Opportunity Window
42 days
Advance Purchase
7 days
Average Stay

Brazilians visiting Paris are mainly interested in Arts & Culture, but Food & Cuisine is the most valued tourist product.

1.94 million tourist mentions analysed from 01/01/2018 to 30/06/2018

Punta Cana and Cancun are two of the most valuated Caribbean destinations by the US tourists during 2019.

US tourist’s satisfaction indexes between January 1st and December 31st 2019.

Canadians' Spend increased 9.67% for short stays in New York City in 2017 vs. 2016.

Mastercard data 2016-2017

Avg. Spend per
3.91 days
Avg. length
of Stay
% Spend

Interest in visiting Colombia increased 88% among Spaniards in 2017.

Mentions analysed for 2017-2018 period and predicted for 2019.

Travel Intelligence for Smart Destinations

Mabrian's platform provides Travel Intelligence for Smart Destinations by analysing tourist Big Data from multiple data sources. It identifies and predicts tourism dynamics.

Our Solutions

There is an immense ocean of data with a lot to say about the market, we help you to transform it into specific insights.


Smart Destinations

Become a Smart Destination by understanding tourist preferences and motivations. Segment and attract the most valuable clients. Monitor main KPIs: satisfaction, security, hotels, etc.

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REITs / Investment

Monitor your environment and get Travel Predictions by cross-analysing multiple and different data sources. Base your decisions on updated insights.

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Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies
Tour Operators

Obtain Travel Predictions to anticipate demand. Improve campaigns’ ROI by knowing the client better, segment and target precisely.

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Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Identify market preferences and dynamics to better manage campaigns. SMART Marketing based on Travel Intelligence to improve performance ratios.

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Our Partners

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From Data to concrete Insights

Complement the static and limited traditional methods of data compilation (surveys, historical statistics, etc.) with updated, representative and accurate information. The intuition era is over.

Big Data for Travel Intelligence

Not only Big Data, but also Multiple Data, this is the difference to getting valuable Insights.

The overlapping of different tourism data layers, transactional and behavioural, reveals unprecedented analysis. A huge amount of information that Smart Destinations need to process for a global understanding of the tourism market.


Transactional data

Social Media
Social Media

Behavioural data

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

The Complete Travel Cycle

We observe and track visitors’ behaviour in all their decision phases.

From the inspirational moment of the trip, going through search and price comparison, to booking, behaviour and spend patterns at destination.

The cycle completes its 360º by analysing the sentiment and satisfaction that users show about their experience both on Social Networks and various review platforms.

These are the main prescribers, and will directly influence the purchase decision of potential new visitors.

Some of our Clients


Let’s Make it Easy

  • Easy and clear cloud environment.
  • Travel prediction alerts and deviation notices of the main KPIs.
  • Customisable periodic reports and concrete insight studies with the assistance of our analysts.
  • Downloadable tables and graphs in multiple formats to ease operational use.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to tourist Big Data, allow our algorithms to understand and predict behaviour patterns at a global scale. Natural Language Processing techniques (NLP) extract the perceptions and sentiment of the comments expressed on Social Media.

This process transforms the collected data into useful insights for decision making. Our algorithms have been recognised by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) of the Economy, Industry and Competitivity Ministry of the Spanish government.

The importance of our Sources

Reliability, representativeness and regulatory compliance are key points for us. Mabrian's algorithms offer a level of confidence above 95%. Our company only works with reliable data providers, ensuring the strict compliance of the Personal Data Protection regulations.

Prize Awarded as the best Marketing and Promotion tool in the Smart Destinations Awards at FITUR 2018  

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